William Auchinleck 1771

Monimail, Fife, Scotland – South Australia

William Auchinleck b. 1771 Monimail, Fife, Scotland m.  Ann Honeyman d. 9 Aug 1863 Kybybolite, South Australia

  • James Auchinleck b. 5 Aug 1810 in Monimail, Fife, SCT
  • Alexander Affleck b. 31 May 1813 Monimail, Fife, SCT m. Janet Elizabeth Sheppard d. May 1874  VIC, AUS
    • William Affleck b. 1843 Melbourne, VIC, AUS m. Elizabeth Hope Moffatt d. 1875  Lilymur, VIC, AUS
      • William Moffatt Affleck b. 1869 Edenhope, VIC, AUS d. 1872 VIC, AUS
      • John Affleck 1871 Dimboola, VIC, AUS
    • Alexander Younger Affleck b. 1846  Melbourne, VIC, AUS m. Rebecca Lily Robinson
      • Herbert Alexander Affleck b. 1891 Wilcannia, NSW, AUS d.17 Aug 1917  Belgium
      • William Lindsay Affleck b. 1896 Wilcannia, NSW, AUS  m. Olive Caroline Baker
        • Geoffrey Frank Affleck
        • Ronald Herbert Affleck
    • John Affleck b. 1850 VIC, AUS  m.  Agnes Gray Guthrie d. 1908 QLD, AUS
      • John Eric Affleck b. 1 Jul 1888 Blackall, QLD, AUS  m. Marion Patterson Smith d. 26 Nov 1961 Toowoomba, QLD, AUS
  • John Affleck b. 1821 SCT m. Jane Nichol d.  2 Sep 1900 Lorquon, VIC, AUS
    • John Affleck b. 1855 Boara, VIC, AUS d. 4 Aug 1942  QLD, AUS
    • Thomas Affleck b. 1856  Boara, Victoria m.  Isabella Swinton Disher d. 1944 Gunnedah, NSW, AUS
      • Archibald Nichol Affleck b. 1887  Melbourne, VIC, AUS  m. Florence Irene Diprose d. 27 October 1921 Richmond, VIC, AUS
    • James Affleck b. ? VIC, AUS d. 1879 in Cobran, NSW, AUS
  • James Affleck b. 1827 SCT m. Isabella Rutherford  d. 15 Feb 1875 Kybybolite, SA. AUS
    • James Affleck b. 1 Jun 1857 Kybybolite, Naracoorte, SA. AUS m. Margaret Gordon Laidlaw d. 1 Aug 1886  Apsley, VIC, AUS
    • Rutherford Albert Affleck b. 27 Sep 1866  Kybybolite, Naracoorte, SA, AUS m. Constance De Little  d. 1931  Warrnambool, VIC, AUS
      • James Albert De Little Affleck b. 1897  Caramut, VIC, AUS m. Euphemia Betty Ramsay d. 1964 Warrnambool, VIC, AUS
  • William Affleck b. 1829 SCT m. Mary Fletcher  d. 1867 Goroke, VIC, AUS
    • William Affleck b. 1 Jun 1867 Hanon, VIC, AUS d. 7 Apr 1875  Warrnambool, VIC, AUS
  • David Affleck b. 1833 SCT m. Catherine Rutherford  d. 29 Feb 1872 Melbourne, VIC, AUS
    • David Affleck b. 1859  Harrow, VIC, AUS m. Irene Ella Hutton d. 27 Feb 1915 Hotham, VIC, AUS


  1. Charles says:

    The Affleck Surname DNA Project is seeking male descendants of William Auchinleck, born about 1771 Fife, Scotland

    William Auchinleck married Ann Honeyman on 18 Dec 1808 at Monimail, Fife, Scotland.

    William (Affleck), wife Ann and their family emigrated from Scotland to South Australia in 1838.

    Please contact us if you find errors or omissions, or if you can help us complete this lineage. We would like to hear from any family member or genealogist who may be researching the paternal lineage of the Affleck family.

    If you would like to participate in this global Affleck initiative then please contact e-mail us: charles@affleckdna.com

    Yours respectfully

    Charles B Affleck
    Project Manager
    Affleck Surname DNA Project

    ancestry.com William Auchinleck & Ann Honeyman abt 1771 Monimail, Fife

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