William A Fleck 1821

Belfast N. Ireland – Midlothian, Scotland  – Greymouth, New Zealand

William Fleck b. 1821 Ireland  m. Bridget Daily

  • John Affleck b. abt 1851  Fala, Midlothian, Scotland m. Helen Millan
    • Peter Daily Affleck b. 26 Mar 1881 Kirkliston, West Lothian, Scotland
    • Hugh Millan Affleck b. abt 1884 in Corstorphine, Midlothian, Scotland m. Letitia Goldie d. 1971  Greymouth, Grey, West Coast, New Zealand
      • John Affleck b.  m. Avis Dorothy ? d. New Zealand
      • Peter John Affleck b. 1918 Midlothian, Scotland m. Erin Veronica ? d. New Zealand
      • Hugh Millan Affleck d. New Zealand
    • John Affleck b. abt 1887 St Cuthberts, Midlothian, Scotland
  • David Affleck b. abt 1855 Crichton, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m. Margaret Wyse
    • Alexander Affleck b. abt 1886 Colinton, MLN, SCT
    • William Affleck b. abt 1893 Leith, MLN, SCT
  • William Fleck b. 8 Nov 1862 Crichton, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT m. Eliza
    • William Affleck b. abt 1894 Leith, MLN, SCT
    • James Affleck b. 1896 in Leith, MLN, SCT


  1. Charles says:

    The Affleck Surname DNA Project is seeking male descendants of William Affleck, born about 1821 in Ireland

    William Affleck married Bridget Daily. Their oldest son John Affleck married Hellen Millan and their descendants immigrated to Greymouth, New Zealand about 1910

    This pedigree of William Affleck has been complied using a search of the the ‘public’ family trees at ancestry.com. Please contact us if you find errors or omissions or if you can help us complete this lineage. We would like to hear from any family member or genealogist who may be researching the paternal lineage of the Affleck family.

    In order to construct a more complete picture of this family we would like to hear from any family member or genealogist who may be researching the paternal lineage of this Affleck family.

    If you would like to participate in this global Affleck initiative then please e-mail me: charles@affleckdna.com

    Yours respectfully

    Charles B Affleck
    Project Manager
    Affleck Surname DNA Project


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