Thomas Fleck 1725

Wiston and Roberton, Lanarkshire, Scotland – Canterbury, New Zealand

Thomas Fleck abt 1725 Larnark, SCT m. Janet Tweedale

  • James Fleck b. 24 May 1753 in Wiston and Roberton, LKS, SCT
  • William Fleck b. 19 Jan 1755 Wiston and Roberton, LKS, SCT m. Grizzel Currie
    • William Fleck Affleck b. 4 Oct 1789 Covington and Thankerton, LKS, SCT m. Agnes Aitkin d.19 Sep 1871 Braidwood, Carluke, LKS, SCT
      • William Affleck b. 23 Mar 1821 Covington and Thankerton, LKS, SCT m. Helen Wilson
        • William Affleck b. 31 Mar 1850 Covington and Thankerton, LKS, SCTm Jeanie S ?
          • William Affleck b. abt 1880 Glasgow, LKS, SCT
      • Robert Affleck b. 14 Mar 1823 Covington and Thankerton, LKS, SCT
      • James Affleck b. 7 May 1825 Carmichael, LKS, SCT m. Catherine Blane d. 3 Jan 1861 Braidwood, Carluke, LKS, SCT
        • William Affleck b 24 Jun 1849 Wiston and Roberton, LKS, SCT d. 21 Mar 1868 Symington, LKS, SCT
        • Robert Affleck b. 1853 Covington and Thankerton, KKS, SCT m. Agnes Cunningham Affleck
          • Thomas C Affleck b. abt 1874 Innerleithen, PEE, SCT
          • James Affleck b. 20 Jan 1881 Innerleithen, PEE, SCT
        • James Affleck b. 11 Mar 1855 Covington and Thankerton, LKS, SCT m. Annie McLaughlan d. aft 1919 Christchurch, CAN, NZ
          • James Robert Affleck b.abt 1888 Hororata, Selwyn, CAN, NZ m. Florence Rose Smith d. 17 Jul 1924 Christchurch, CAN, NZ
            • Verdun Henry James Affleck b. Hororata, Selwyn, CAN, NZ m. Eileen Mabel Bryant
            • Malvern George Affleck b. Hororata, Selwyn, CAN, NZ m. Audrey Isobel ?
            • William James Affleck b. NZ m. Olive Rose Duck d. Hastings, Hawke’s Bay, NZ
            • Harry Daniel Blane Affleck b. NZ d. Hawke’s Bay, NZ
          • Henry Daniel Affleck b. 1892 Glentunnel, Selwyn, CAN, NZ d.14 Oct 1917 Passchendaele,Ypres, Belgium
  • John Fleck b. 17 May 1762 Wiston and Roberton, LKS, SCT
  • Thomas Fleck b. 31 Jul 1769 Wiston and Roberton,LKS, SCT


  1. Charles says:

    The Affleck Surname DNA Project is seeking male descendants of Thomas Fleck, born about 1725 Lanarkshire, Scotland

    Thomas Fleck married Janet Tweedale on 25 April 1750 at Wiston And Roberton, Lanark, Scotland.

    Descendants of Thomas and Janet emigrated from Scotland to New Zealand.

    This pedigree of Thomas Fleck/Affleck has been complied using a search of the the ‘public’ family trees at Please contact us if you find errors or omissions or if you can help us complete this lineage. We would like to hear from any family member or genealogist who may be researching the paternal lineage of the Affleck family.

    If you would like to participate in this global Affleck initiative then please contact e-mail us:

    Yours respectfully

    Charles B Affleck
    Project Manager
    Affleck Surname DNA Project Affleck Surname DNA Patriarch: Thomas Fleck about 1725 Lanarkshire, Scotland

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