John Affleck 1741 Lochrutton Kirkcudbrightshire

Lochrutton Kirkcudbrightshire Scotland

John Affleck 1741 Lochrutton Kirkcudbrightshire Scotland m. Jean Welsh

  • William Affleck b. 27 Apr 1775 in Kirkgunzeon, KKD, SCT
  • John Affleck b. 10 Nov 1777  Kirkgunzeon, KKD, SCT
  • James Affleck b. Birth 21 Apr 1780 Kirkgunzeon, KKD, SCT
  • Robert Affleck b. 1 May 1782 Kirkgunzeon, KKD, SCT m. Mary Hyslop d. 11 Sep 1843  Troqueer, KKD, SCT
    • William Affleck b. 2 Apr 1816  Urr, KKD, SCT d. Dec 1878  Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG
    • John Affleck b. 11 Jun 1818 Urr, KKD, SCT m. Martha Fox d. 1 May 1867  Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG
      • Thomas Affleck b. 20 Mar 1850  Liverpool, England m. Ellen Simpson d. 30 Sep 1921 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
        • Thomas Simpson Affleck b. 2 Sep 1876  Liverpool, Lancashire, England m. d.  Jun 1878 Lancashire, ENG
        • William Arthur Affleck b. Mar 1879 Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG m. Ada Charlotte Bibby  d. 24 Jan 1948 Cheshire, ENG
          • Thomas Henry Affleck b. 31 Jul 1912 Wallasey, Cheshire, ENG m.  Patricia Lillian Burton d. Mar 1994 Birkenhead, Cheshire, ENG
        • Thomas Affleck b. abt 1888 Liverpool, Lancashire, England
      • Robert Affleck b. 27 Dec 1851 Liverpool, England  m. Isabella Bryden d. 29 Jun 1890 At sea, New South Wales, Australia
      • William F Affleck b. 23 Sep 1855 Liverpool, ENG m. Caroline Renton d. Mar 1911 Southampton, ENG
        • William Affleck b. 26 Jul 1880 Liverpool, Lancashire, ENG m. Sadie ? d. USA
        • Bertram Affleck b. 27 Jan 1887 Liverpool, ENG m. Henrietta Mae Calverly  d. 7 Feb 1977 Ellsworth, Pennsylvania, USA
          • William Renton Affleck b. 31 Jul 1912 Pennsylvania, USA m. Margaret Paul d.6 Feb 1984 in Washington, Washington Co., Pennsylvania, USA
          • Deighton Affleck b. abt 1914 Pennsylvania, USA d. 9 Feb 1993 Steuben, New York, USA
        • John Affleck b. Oct 1897 Southampton, ENG d. Jan 1898 Southampton, ENG
      • Frederick Affleck b. 6 Nov 1857 Liverpool, ENG m. Eleanor Bertha Laver d.11 Dec 1910  Glasgow, SCT
      • John Affleck b. 2 Jul 1863 Liverpool, England m. Elizabeth Sarah Cass d. 8 Nov 1942 Wallasey, Cheshire, England
  • Alexander Affleck b. 4 Apr 1784 Kirkgunzeon, KKD, SCT
  • Joseph Affleck b. 6 Mar 1786 Kirkgunzeon, KKD, SCT
  • Andrew Affleck b. 12 Mar 1788  Kirkgunzeon, KKD, SCT

[box color=”light-gray” icon=”information”]A very special thank you to Barbara Berry and Elaine Davies (both from Lancashire, England) for their valuable research, generous support and enthusiasm towards this project. Both Barbara and Elaine are descendants of John Affleck and Jean Welsh[/box]


  1. Charles says:

    The Affleck Surname DNA Project is seeking male descendants of John Affleck, born about 1741 Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland.

    John Affleck married Jean Welsh.

    This pedigree of John Affleck has been complied using a search of the the ‘public’ family trees at Please contact us if you find errors or omissions, or if you can help us complete this lineage. We would like to hear from any family member or genealogist who may be researching the paternal lineage of the Affleck family.

    If you would like to participate in this global Affleck initiative then please contact e-mail us:

    We would welcome any contact from you.

    We extend a special thank you to Barbara Berry and Elaine Davies (England) for their valuable research and generosity towards this project.

    Yours respectfully

    Charles B Affleck
    Project Manager
    Affleck Surname DNA Project page link: John Affleck 1741 Lochrutton Kirkcudbrightshire

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