James Fleach/Affleck:1680

Midlothian, Scotland – England , Victoria, Australia & Utah, USA

James Fleach/Affleck b. abt 1680. Glencorse, MLN, SCT, m. Helen Fligo.

  • Alexander Fleck b. 04 Apr 1704. Lasswade, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT.  m. Jean Reid.  d. 1800 Hawthorn, Lasswade, MLN, SCT.
    •  William Afflect/Affleck b. 21 Aug 1729. Lasswade, MLN, SCT.
    • James Fleck/Affleck b. 19 May 1731. Lasswade, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT. m. Elizabeth Mercer
    • ? Fleck b. 13 Apr 1733 Lasswade, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT
    • Alexander Fleck/Affleck b. 26 Jul 1739. Lasswade, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT. m. Margaret Hamilton
    • Charles Fleck/Affleck b. 15 Jun 1741. Lasswade, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT.
    • Archibald  Affleck b. 27 Jun 1745. Lasswade, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT.
    • David Affleck b. 7 Apr 1748. Hawthorndon, Lasswade, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT.. m. Margaret Nichol.
      • Alexander Affleck b. 26 Jan 1787. Roslin, Lasswade, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT
      • John Affleck b. 10 Oct 1790. Roslin, Lasswade, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT. m. Margaret Carruthers.

        • Robert Carruthers Affleck b. 16 Feb 1827 Dumfries, DFS, SCT
        • [tooltip color=”blue” text=”Y-DNA test result pending from a direct descendant of this man William Affleck .”]William Affleck [/tooltip] b. 1827 MLN, SCT m. Jane Underwood Wells d. 1901 VIC, AUS
          • John Affleck b. 1866 Woodend, VIC, AUS
          • John Grierson Affleck b. 1871 Macedon, VIC, AUS  m. Charlotte Maude Jones/Sinclair d. 1957 Dandenong, VIC, AUS
            • James William Carlyle Affleck b. 7 Apr 1899  South Yarra, VIC, AUS m. Charlotte Maude Jones Sinclair d. 22 Nov 1941 Thornbury, VIC, AUS
              • James William Carlyle Affleck b.7 Apr 1899  South Yarra, VIC, AUS m. Irene Laura Levina Paull d.  22 Nov 1941 Thornbury, VIC, AUS
              • John Neil Affleck b. 11 Sep 1901 South Yarra, VIC, AUS d. 1971 Brunswick, VIC, AUS
          • Carlyle William Affleck b. 12 Jan 1876 Woodend, VIC, AUS m. Isabella Haldsworth d.  1934 U Haw, VIC, AUS
            • George Affleck  b. 23 May 1905 AUS
          • James Carlyle Affleck b. 1881  Geid, VIC, AUS d 1942 Fitzroy, VIC, AUS
        • John Affleck b. 7 Jan 1830 Lasswade, MLN, SCT m. Wilhelmina Underwood Wells d.
          • David George Affleck b. 1866 Woodend, VIC, AUS d 1867 VIC, AUS
          • William Affleck b. 1872 Hawthorn, VIC, AUS d VIC, AUS m. Isobella May ? d. Wilga, WA, AUS
            • Alexander Affleck b. Wilga, WA, AUS
            • John Affleck b. abt 1912 Wilga, WA, AUS
            • George Affleck Wilga, WA, AUS
            • Keith Affleck  b. 1923 Wilga, WA, AUS d. 22 Jul 1942 El Alamain, Egypt
            • Colin Affleck b. Wilga, WA, AUS
            • Francis Albert Affleck b.Wilga, WA, AUS
          • George Wells Affleck b. 1875 Hotham, VIC, AUS d 1876 VIC, AUS
          • Robert Alexandar Affleck b.1888 Woodend, VIC, AUS d 1898 Carlton, VIC, AUS
        • David Affleck b. 1838  Scotland  d. VIC, AUS
      • William Preston Affleck b. 9 Apr 1800. Roslin, Lasswade, MLN, SCT. m. Grace Clark. d 26 Jan 1859
        • Christopher Affleck b. 16 Mar 1825.  Lancaster, LAN, ENG. m. Sarah Lunt.
          • William Afflick b. 1849.  Lancaster, LAN, ENG. d 22 Apr 1903.
          • David Affleck b. 15 Feb 1851.  Lancaster, LAN, ENG. m. Ann Barton.
            • William Albert Afflick b. 2 Nov 1888.  Lancaster, LAN, ENG. m. Mabel Helen Humpherys
        • Peter C Affleck b. 26 Oct 1834. Preston LAN, Eng. m. Caroline Willis. d. 27 Mar 1904. Logan, Cache, UT, USA
          • William Affleck b. May 1870 Logan, Cache, UT, USA m. Alice Catherine Bullock, d. 1 May 1949  Logan, Cache, UT, USA
            • Avrille Affleck. b. 1894 UT, USA m Della Hall  d. 28 Sep 1956 Ogden, Weber, UT, USA
            • Doyle Peter Affleck  b. 8 Nov 1905 Logan, Cache, UT, USA  m. Ruth Dawson d. 8 Nov 1975
            • Clark Bullock Affleck  b. 30 Jun 1908 UT, USA m.  Velda Martha Bryson d. 11 Jul 1968 Oklahoma City OK, USA
            • Preston C Affleck b. 9 Nov 1910  Logan, Cache, UT, USA  m. Chlo Olive Anderson d. 21 Mar 1987  Logan, Cache, UT, USA
          • David Affleck b.2 Dec 1873 Logan, Cache, UT, USA. m. Sarah Jane Marler. d. 20 Jun 1953 Oakland, CA, USA
            • David Iral Affleck b. 1898  Providence, Cache, UT, USA m. Mona Lallis Bird  d. 8 Jun 1968
            • Maurice Marler Affleck b. 2 Oct 1899 Providence, Cache,  UT, USA d. 9 Mar 1966 – San Francisco, CA, USA
            • Roland Mathews Affleck b. 19 Nov 1905 Providence, Cache, UT, USA
            • Thaddus  Affleck b. 23 Jul 1910  Lewiston,Cache, UT, USA
          • Peter Affleck b. 12 Jan 1872 Logan, Cache, UT, USA. m. Dottie ? or Martha Johanne Sorensen d. 5 June 1937 Montpelier, Bear Lake, ID, USA
            • Lavon Peter Affleck b. 1907 UT, USA  d.26 Feb 2004 Elko, NV, USA
            • John Soren Affleck b. 1 Mar 1908  Logan, Cache, UT, USA m. Elma Cartwright d. 23 Oct 2008 Salt Lake City, UT, USA
              • John Stravrin Affleck b.
              • Leland Peter Affleck b.
            • Vance Runnig Affleck b. 2 Feb 1910 Logan, Cache, UT, USA m. Shirley Martin d. 8 Oct 1986 Salt Lake City, UT, USA
          • Eli Affleck b.1880. Utah, USA. d. 23 Jun 1880 Logan, Cache, UT, USA
          • Adam Alonzo Affleck 16 Aug 1882 Logan, Cache, Utah, USA. m. Maude Francis Evans d. 2 Dec 1959. Boise, ID, USA
            • Harold Evans Affleck b. 2 Nov 1903 Pocatello, Bannock, ID, USA  m. Maries Amelia Smith  d. 18 Oct 1974 Boise, Ada, ID, USA
              • Harold Wayne Affleck b. 12 Oct 1925 Idaho, USA m. Beverly J Havird d, 16 Oct 2007 San Diego, CA, USA
        • William Preston Affleck b.12 May 1838. Catterall, LAN, ENG. m. Mary Anne Crofts d. 22 Apr 1903. Salt Lake City, UT, USA
          • John Affleck b. 21 Oct 1858 Preston, LAN, ENG  m. Annie Thirkill d. 17 May 1893
          • Robert Affleck b. 14 Oct 1867 Preston, LAN, ENG  m. Eliza Mary Anne Spencer d. 24 Nov 1946 Salt Lake City, UT, USA
            • Robert Charles Affleck b.28 Jul 1894  Mill Creek, Salt Lake, UT, USA, m. Maudeline Hart d. 6 Apr 1918 Idaho Falls, Bonneville, ID, USA
            • Christopher William Affleck b.10 Jan 1893. m Fannie Myrtle Morris d. 3 Feb 1968 Salt Lake City, UT, USA
          • William Preston Affleck b.18 Jan 1870. Preston, LAN, ENG. m. Minnie Benzon d. 9 Feb 1954. Salt Lake City, UT, USA
          • David Adam Affleck b.2 Apr 1877. Salt Lake City, UT, USA. m. Lillian Lucas Burt d. 15 Jul 1951 Mt Canyon, Salt Lake, UT, USA
            • David Burt Affleck b.15 Nov 1902. Salt Lake City, UT, USA. m. Isabella ? d. 18 Sep 1985, San Jose, CA, USA
            • Gordon Burt Affleck b.18 Sep 1904. Salt Lake City, UT, USA. m. Abbie Josephine Fisher d. 18 Nov 1988, Salt Lake, UT, USA
            • Allen Burt Affleck b.16 Nov 1906. Salt Lake City, UT, USA. m. Homer d. 3 jun 1994, Ogden, Weber, UT, USA
            • Wendell Burt Affleck b.26 Dec 1910. Salt Lake City, UT, USA.  d. 17 Aug 1998, Salt Lake, UT, USA
            • Andrew Burt Affleck b.3 March 1913. Salt Lake City, UT, USA. m.  d. 3 Mar 1913, Salt Lake, UT, USA
        • David  Affleck b.28 Jul 1842. Catterall, LAN, ENG. m.
        • Larry Affleck b. 1843. Catterall, LAN, ENG.
        • Adam Affleck b. 27 Apr 1848. Leigh, LAN, ENG. m. Mary Anne Asppden d. 27 Sept 1912. Provo, UT, USA
          • Benjamin Affleck b. 21 Sept 1871. Preston, LAN, ENG. m. Mary Alice Preston d. 25 Oct 1939. Washington, USA
            • Edward Affleck . 12 Sep 1896 Preston, LAN, ENG
    • Thomas Affleck b. 25 Oct 1753 Lasswade, Edinburgh, MLN, SCT.
A special thank you to Ian Carlyle Affleck from ACT, Australia for providing an update on the Australian branch of this Affleck family lineage


  1. Charles says:

    John Affleck married Margaret Carruthers at Dumfries, Dumfries-shire, Scotland on 31 May 1812.

    Descendants of John and Margaret emigrated from Scotland to Victoria, Australia

    The Affleck Surname DNA Project is seeking male descendants of John Affleck, who now reside in Australia.

    Note of interest:
    The forename ‘Carlyle’ that is prominent in this family comes from William’s wife, Jane Underwood Wells who was born 9 December 1844 in Ruthwell, Dumfrieshire, Scotland
    Jane was the daughter of James Carlyle Wells born 31 December 1822 in Dumfrieshire, Scotland and died on 13 Dec 1890 in Benalla. Victoria. Australia and married Mary Richardson Underwood (1823-1907)
    The Carlyle within his name came from the maiden name of James’ mother Agnes Carlyle born 1785 and died 28 May 1831 in Middlebie, Dumfrieshire, Scotland and married Samuel Wells (1781- 26 April 1850 in Middlebie, Dumfrieshire, Scotland)

    Note also that William’s brother John married Wilhelmina Underwood Wells

  2. Charles says:

    The Affleck Surname DNA Project is seeking male descendants of James Fleach/Affleck, born about 1680 Glencorse, Midlothian, Scotland.

    James Fleach/Affleck married Helen Fligo.

    Descendants of James and Helen emigrated from Scotland to England and then immigrated to the United States of America. A second branch of this family immigrated Victoria , Australia

    This pedigree of James Fleach/Affleck has been complied using a search of the the ‘public’ family trees at Ancestry.com. Please contact us if you find errors or omissions or if you can help us complete this lineage. We would like to hear from any genealogist who may be researching the paternal lineage of the Affleck family.

    If you would like to participate in this global Affleck initiative then please contact e-mail us: affleckdna@gmail.com

    We would welcome any contact from you.

    Yours respectfully

    Charles B Affleck
    Project Administrator
    Affleck Surname DNA Project

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