James Affleck 1732

Rerrick/Balmaghie, Kircudbrightshire, Scotland – England, Canada & USA

James Affleck b. abt 1732 Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland m. Janet Blain

  • James Affleck b. 27 Oct 1757 Rerrick, KKD, SCT
  • Alexander Affleck b. 14 Feb 1759 Rerrick, KKD, SCT
  • David Affleck b. 6 Apr 1770 Rerrick, KKD, SCT m. Anne Gillespie  d. Jun 1819 St Clair, IL, USA
    • James Affleck b. Aug 1813 Kircudbright, SCT m. 1. Hester Ann Coleman 2. Ann E. Richardson  d. 24 Apr 1902  Belleville, St. Clair, IL, USA
      • Charles David Affleck b. 18 Aug 1838 Pleasant Hill, Pike, IL, USA m. Julia M Chittenden  d. 2 May 1876 St Louis, St Louis, MO, USA
        • Theodore J Affleck b. 1867 Missouri, USA
        • Roy Archie Affleck b. 9 Feb 1875 Missouri, USA m. Amanda Minnie Webber d.5 Aug 1959 Sacramento, CA, USA
          • Archie Roy Affleck b. Jun 1895 Missouri, USA m. Judith Elvezia Spatetta d. 26 May 1981 in Hemet, Riverside, CA, USA
          • Robert Whitfield Affleck b.  4 Feb 1900 St Louis, St Louis, MO, USA m. Bernice Wilona Jameson d. 10 Mar 1973 Napa, CA, USA
      • Jason W Affleck b. abt 1842 Illinois, USA
      • James Affleck b. abt 1847 Illinois, USA
      • Benny Affleck b. abt 1869 Illinois, USA
      • Edward Affleck b. May 1872 Illinois, USA m. Maude A ?
      • Archibald Affleck b. d. 1837
      • David Affleck b.
    • Robert Gillespie Affleck b abt 1817 North Carolina, USA m. Martha ?
      • Flavius Augustus Affleck b. abt 1849 Illinois, USA m. Rosetta A. Wilson
      • John Harvey Affleck b. 8 Mar 1854 in Belleville, St Clair, IL, USA m. Emma Violet Clark d. 2 Dec 1942 Saint Louis, St Louis, MO, USA
        • Albert Harvey Affleck b.  4 Apr 1876 Bolivar, Polk, MO, USA m. Lucy Russell Allen  d. 22 Oct 1943 Childress, Childress, TX, USA
          • Bert Affleck Jr b. 14 Oct 1906 in Petty, Lamar, Texas, USA m. Marie Wilson d. 30 Aug 1957  El Paso, TX, USA
          • Robert A Affleck b. 21 Dec 1910 Childress, Childress, TX, USA
        • Robert Gillespie Affleck b. 24 Apr 1885 Bolivar, Polk, MO, USA  d. 4 Apr 1927  Kansas City, Jackson, MO, USA
        • Flavins A Affleck b. Dec 1888  Illinois, USA m. Goldie?
        • John Harvey Affleck b. Dec 1897 Illinois, USA
      • Sanford B Affleck b. 1858 Marion, Polk County, MO, USA m. Fannie Evans d. April 1894 Missouri, USA
  • Archibald Affleck b. 2 Nov 1773  Rerrick, KKD, SCT m.  Mary McCreath d.8 Jun 1837 in Dunnings, Balmaghie, KKD, SCT
    • William Affleck b. 1 Sep 1808  Crossmichael, KKD, SCT
    • James Affleck b. 17 Jan 1812 Crossmichael, KKD, SCT
    • Alexander Affleck b. 17 Dec 1813 Irongray, KKD, SCT
    • John Affleck b. 24 Sep 1820 Balmaghie, KKD, SCT
    • Archibald Affleck b. 1 Feb 1822 Balmaghie, KKD, SCT m. Sarah Murray

      • John Affleck b. 20 Apr 1845 in Balmaclellan,​ KKD, SCT m. Agnes Clark d. 28 Sep 1925 Colchester South, Essex County, Ontario, Canada
        • Thomas Affleck b 19 Mar 1876  Colchester North, Essex County, ON, CAN m. Urana Bell Nelson
          • Orville Elton Affleck b 4 May 1903 Colchester, Essex County, ON,CAN m. Leana Grant d. 13 Jan 1929  Essex, ON,CAN
        • John Affleck b. 2 Oct 1879  Essex County, Ontario, Canada m. Winnifred Ross d 1946 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN
      • Robert Affleck b.  20 Nov 1846 Balmaghie, ​ KKD, SCT m. Mary Ann Wride d. Essex County, ON CAN
        • William Affleck b. 18 Jan 1871 Essex, ON CAN m. Bertha Stockford d. 24 Jan 1926 Toronto, Essex, ON CAN
          • Herbert William Affleck b. Oct 1909  Essex, ON CAN
        • Charles Affleck  b. 19 Apr 1873 Colchester, Essex County, ON CAN d. 19 Aug 1873 Colchester, Essex County, ON CAN
        • George Affleck b. 9 Sep 1874 Colchester, Essex County, ON CAN  d.12 Sep 1875 Colchester, Essex County, ON CAN
        • Francis Affleck b. 16 Oct 1877 Colchester, Essex County, ON CAN d. 1 Sep 1878 Colchester, Essex County, ON CAN
        • Edward Affleck b.

          5 Oct 1883 Colchester South, Essex, ON CAN m. Myrtle Halstead d.

          9 Apr 1973

          • Robert Dewey Affleck b. 11 Mar 1907 in Essex, ON CAN
      • William Affleck b. abt 1848  Balmaghie, ​ KKD, SCT d. 1852
      • Archibald Affleck b. 8 Mar 1850 Balmaghie, ​ KKD, SCT d. 1852
      • Alexander Affleck b.  27 Jun 1858 Essex, ON CAN m. Fanny Augusta Walker
        • Charles Archibald Affleck b. 28 Jul 1884 Essex County, ON, CAN m. Flossie May Cooper
          • Melvin B Affleck b. 21 Jan 1913  Essex, ON, CAN
        • Roy Douglas Affleck b. 27 Aug 1886 Colchester, Essex County, ON, CAN d. 4 Mar 1887 Colchester, Essex County, ON, CAN
        • Ellis Timothy Affleck b. 10 Sep 1889 Essex, ON, CAN m. Eva Mary Powers
      • Joseph Affleck b. 4 Nov 1860 ON, CAN m. Mary Ann Stockford d. 5 Dec 1925 Essex County, ON, CAN
        • Archibald Joseph Affleck b. 24 Jun 1887 Colchester South, Essex, ON, CAN d. 4 May 1888 Colchester South Township, Essex County, ON, CAN
        • Henry Affleck b. 14 Nov 1889 Colchester South, Essex, ON, CAN d. 13 Jan 1891 Colchester South Township, Essex County, ON, CAN
        • Fred Earl Affleck b. 22 Nov 1893 Colchester South, Essex, ON, CAN m. Belle Ferriss d. 1948 Essex County, ON, CAN
    • Robert Cunningham Affleck b. 27 Mar 1828 Balmaghie, KKD, SCT m. Barbara Craig
      • Thomas Craig Affleck b. 28 Aug 1857  Balmaghie, KKD, SCT m. Elizabeth Langford d.28 Feb 1936 Stockport, Cheshire, EnglandWilliam Affleck b. 17 May 1861 Balmaghie, KKD, SCT
        • Charles Affleck b. Mar 1886 Manchester, Lancashire, ENG
        • Archibald Affleck b. abt 1887 in Manchester, Lancashire, ENG
      • David Gordon Affleck b. 9 Oct 1865 Balmaghie, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland m. Georgina McMichan  d. 2 Nov 1937 Manchester North, Lancashire, England
      • Robert Cunningham Affleck b. 8 Feb 1870 in Balmaghie, KKD, SCT m. Elizabeth ?
        • David Affleck b. Sep 1904 Manchester, Lancashire, ENG
      • John Affleck b. 26 Jun 1872 Balmaghie, Kirkcudbrightshire


  1. Charles says:

    The Affleck Surname DNA Project is seeking male descendants of James Affleck, born about 1732 Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland

    James Affleck married Janet Blain.

    Descendants of James and Janet emigrated from Scotland to England, Canada and the United States of America.

    The above pedigree of James Affleck has been complied using a search of the the ‘public’ family trees at Ancestry.com. Please contact us if you find errors or omissions or are able to help complete this family lineage.

    We would like to hear from any family members or genealogists who may be researching the paternal lineage of the Affleck family.

    If you would like to participate in this global Affleck initiative then please contact e-mail me: charles@affleckdna.com

    Yours respectfully

    Charles B Affleck
    Project Administrator
    Affleck Surname DNA Project

    Ancestry.com http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/45507469/family?fpid=6373382404

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