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The Affleck Surname DNA Project is reconnecting those with the Afflecks surname to their ancestral heritage!

Genetic genealogy is indicating that those having the contemporary Scottish surname of ‘Affleck’ may have derived their identity from any one of the three ancient surnames, those of Auchinleck, Fleck, and Flett. The widespread, and as yet unexplained ‘blending’ of these similar sounding surnames was found to have occurred across the southern counties of Scotland between 1750 -1820

As a result of these findings, we have added the Flett surname to the Affleck Project at Family Tree DNA. We understand that Auchinleck, Fleck, and Flett are clearly separate ancient Scottish families, but find a mutual link in the contemporary Affleck surname with descendants of each family now having the Affleck surname. The Auchinleck surname remained unchanged in Ireland.

Genetic testing, along conventional genealogical research, has found that ‘some’ Affleck families residing in Australia, England, New Zealand, Scotland and the United States have the Flett ‘Norse Viking’ R1a Y-DNA genetic signature and trace their origin back to the Norse stronghold of Orkney.

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