William K Affleck

William Kay Affleck 1837  Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland m. Maria Ward d. Manchester, Lancashire, ENG

  •  Charles Henry Affleck b. Mar 1877  Manchester, LAN, ENG m. Emma Ratcliffe d. 1953 Manchester, LAN, ENG
    • Charles Henry Affleck b. Apr 1896 Prestwich, LAN, ENG m. Margaret McCormack d. Sep 1942  Ashton, LAN, ENG
      • Lily Affleck b. Mar 1920  Prestwich, LAN, ENG
      • Frances Affleck b. Jun 1921 Ashton, LAN, ENG m. Gregory H Leete
      • Charles Henry Affleck b. 1923  Ashton, LAN, ENG m. Nora Lyons d. Jan 1995 Rochdale, LAN, ENG
      • Thomas Affleck b.  4 Jun 1925  Ashton, LAN, ENG  Kathleen O’Brien d. Jun 1974  Manchester, LAN, ENG
        • Thomas Affleck b. Mar 1949 Ashton, LAN, ENG
        • Kathleen Affleck b. 1951 Ashton, LAN, ENG
        • Anthony Affleck b. 1956  Ashton, LAN, ENG
        • Kevin M Affleck b. 1958  Ashton, LAN, ENG
        • Bernadette Affleck b. 1961  Ashton, LAN, ENG
        • Shaun Affleck b. 1966 Ashton, LAN, ENG
      • Eric Affleck b. 19 Jun 1927 Ashton, LAN, ENG  d. Dec 1991 Tameside, Manchester, LAN, ENG
      • Joan Affleck b. Jun 1929  Ashton, LAN, ENG
      • Joyce Affleck b. Sep 1932 Ashton, LAN, ENG
      • Doreen Affleck b. Dec 1935 Ashton, LAN, ENG
      • James E Affleck b.1937 LAN, ENG m. Marjorie A Johnson
      • Kenneth Affleck b. Dec 1938 Ashton, LAN, ENG d. Dec 1938 Ashton, LAN, ENG
    • Hannah Maria Affleck b. Dec 1898  Prestwich, LAN, ENG m. John H Mawdsley
    • Joseph Affleck b. 12 Sep 1900 Prestwich, LAN, ENG  d.Oct 1900 Prestwich, LAN, ENG
    • Bertha Affleck b. Dec 1901 Prestwich, LAN, ENG
    • Mary Ellen Affleck b. 22 Mar 1904  Bradford, LAN, ENG  d. Sep 1985 in Manchester, LAN, ENG
    • Lily Affleck b. Mar 1904 Prestwich, LAN, ENG m. Thomas Hartley d Dec 1933 Bradford, LAN, ENG
    • Harriett Affleck b. Jun 1910  Bradford, LAN, ENG m. Joseph Thorley d. Jun 1977 in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, LAN, ENG

Maria’s Ancestors

  • George Ward b. 1735 in Fishlake, Yorkshire, England d. 15 Jun 1810 in Yorkshire County, England – married Martha Heward b. 1740 in Yorkshire, England  d. 11 Dec 1764
    • John Ward b. 9 Dec 1764 in Fishlake, Yorkshire, England d. Nov 1822 – married Jane Shepard  b. May 1772 in Fishlake, Yorkshire, England
      • George Ward b. 13 May 1809 in Howden, Yorkshire, England – married Hannah (Hunter?) b. abt 1810 in Howden, Yorkshire, England d. July 1862 in Lancashire, United Kingdom
        • Maria Ward b.  Jun 1838 in Manchester, Lancashire, England d. 1919 in Prestwich, Lancashire, England and was married to William Kay Affleck




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    This ancestry does not show up on the main website as it references those born after 1913 (100 years ago) and possibly living individuals.

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